Sunday, January 3, 2010

~clean & clear~

what is clean??

what is clear??

two different words but their spelling are almost similar..The meaning are also very different.

Clean is without any dirts..Clear is to make somewhere tidier or emptier by removing things from it..

So, now u see they are related, rite? If u clear the place, then it will be clean.. 

But why i'm bubbling about this thing here.. I don't know why.. Wakaka!!

Actually, that's not a real point I wanna share..

Tetttttttt!!!! Enough with that!!! Tettttttttt!!!!

It's very empty inside me.. I don't know what i've to do..

I feel a lil' bit sad.. It's like that what i've done is useless..

It's like i'm being lied by someone.. No!!! wait a minute..

I've been lied by's really hurt me..OMG!!

I feel like crying inside there but i've to accept that..Maybe it's my fault..

Let it pass and i'll keep it as my precious/bad memory..

To U, thanx for all that u did to me.. A very good job dear.. Well done!!

I'll never forget that..Now, i don't know if i have to believe in true love..

Let time decide about what will happened next..

Just live ur life to the fullest..Life have to be happy..

But sometimes bad things happened and just be positive about it..

Try ur best to get rid of any messy things that happened to you..

Yeah..Go girl !!! U can do it..

p/s : actually there's a few meaning of clean and clear.. I just stated one for each..Haha =D

Ehh..wait a minute..I've something fun to share..hehe

Yesterday me n ima had window shopping at Berjaya Times Square..

Guess what we have found??? OMG!!!

A shop full with DBSK things...Aaaaahhhh!! "nak pengsan kat situ gak rsenye"...kah2

And we end up buying something from the shop..hehe

At least, this thing make me happy..Big smile for DBSK..=)

Then, we watched Alvin & The Chipmunks 2 with Siti and Abg Pian..

After had so much fun watching the movie, we went to Kg Baru and had our supper.

"Yunho button bagde..hehe"

"Uknow button badge, DBSK mug and Uknow pen..hehe"

"DBSK mug"
p/s 2 : Be happy in ur life.. =)


cheaszkecik said...

cantik mug.heee

Ruzzaida said...

mesti la cantik..