Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Our Day.. =]

hey friends..
guess what day is today..
today is Monday.. I'm sure that most of u will answer like that..
but for me n my twin..
it's not just Monday...
it's our Birthday anniversary, 8 September 2008.. hehe
we're just turned to age 22 years old now..
i'm so excited but it feel scary sometimes as we have to face future life as an older person..
we're getting older year by year.. so sad.. huhu
could'nt believe that it has been 22 years since we were borned..
so many things happened..
friends comes and go..
life getting harder and harder..
so many challenges to be faced in the future...
and maybe our face will be covered with wrinkles..
waaaa... but we've to face it..
rite Ima? haha.. 

Special thanx to our Mommy who give birth to us..
We love her so muchhhh.. muahx!!!
And not to forget, our Dad..
Without him, for sure we can't see this beautiful world..
We love him so much.. muahx!!!
Thanx Abah and Ma..

Also, deeply deeply thanx to all friends for wishing us today..
We appreciated that..
We love you all.. Tenkiu2...

And for Ruzzaima Bt Kamaruldzaman (Ima)
Ruzzaida Bt Kamaruldzaman (Ida) will always love you because u're my beloved sis..
You always be there when I need you.. Thanx Ima...
We've shared almost  98%  things together..
Such a big amount rite?
We understand each other very much..
We've lived together since we were called as fetus.. hehe


lis comel said...

hepi besday cik ida n cik ima..
hope both of u will owez stay cute eventhough your face will be covered with wrinkles..ahaks!;p

ruzzaida said...

tenkiu2 cik elie..
doakan kami sentiasa cute..
haha =p

HersHey said...

hapY buVday!!!!! iMa n ida!!!

Anonymous said...

ye ida..happy birthday..luv u very much sis..mmmuuaahhhh!!!

amiaz said...

ye ida..gud job for this blog..super nice!! pahtu nk wish happy birthday..luv u very much sis..mmmuuaahhhh!!!

nota.kematian said...

sorang lagi tertinggal, maoh
kembar kamu sorang lagi tu
jangan lupa..
birthday sama hari gak.

Ruzzaida said...

to hershey : tenkiu2.. =]

to amiaz : ida luv u too.. =p

to notakematian : hehe.. lupe lak kat maoh.. hehe..

maoh said...

heppy bezday to you...

nyda said...

i wish i was there
on ur birthday

Ruzzaida said...

to maoh : tenkiu =]

to sis nyda : huhu.. jgn camtu akak.. sedih sy..huhu..
i'll be happy as long as ur remember me.. ;)

Anonymous said...

hepi bday idanyer!

comel sokmo~

Ruzzaida said...

tenkiu daoz.. hehe =p

amiaz said...

eh..baru ore perasan..
2% memory lagi g mano?
buang ke laut dh ko?