Saturday, September 6, 2008


actually,what is YUNAZ?

I know that every of you are wondering what it is..
Well.. Yunaz consist of 4 cute members..

Ellisah... ( Master of YUNAZ )

Ruzzaima.. ( YUNAZ 1 )

Ruzzaida... ( YUNAZ 2)

Ruzzainita... ( YUNAZ 3 )

YUNAZ is....

hmmm... i'm not going to tell you what is it..

you've to found it by urself..

it's our policy to keep it as a secret until the time has come.. hehe

So,just be patient if u want to know it from us..

Just wait..

2 years? 3 years? or maybe 50 years.. haha

p/s : this is my first entry in english.. haha!!!

secebis dari hatiku,


lis comel said...
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lis comel said...

saya la ELI Master of YUNAZ...hahaha ;D