Saturday, January 10, 2009


The writer of The Remedy tagged me..

#1 describe 10 things about the person who tagged you.

1) He is a good dancer. 
2) He is very creative in editing pictures. Maybe u can ask for his help to edit ur pics. 
3) The youngest brother in his family.
4) Metrosexual and neat.
5) He was born on 23rd April (234).. Easy to remember. Hehe..
6) Be friend with me since 2006 after we're joining a theater fest.
7) Vice President for our beloved "Kelab Kebudayaan & Kesenian" , 0809 session.
8) He play trumpet as a member of Orchestra's Group.
9) Sometimes he'll be a lil bit sensitive. "Emo ler tu..huhu"
10) A mechanical engineering student.

#2 describe 10 things about you.

1) I'm a shy person.. hehe
2) I wish I am an electronics engineer after finishing my study.
3) Wish to get married at 26years old with the person that I love much.. =]
4) I really don't like people who like to discriminate.
5) I enjoyed watching musical movie.
6) I'm a secretive person. Only people who very close to me knows my secret.
7) I can't eat any food which related to lamb. Genetic allergy ( i think so.. ).
8) Love funky accessories especially bracelet and bangle.
9) Respect people who knows to respect others.
10) Don't forget my birthday on 8th September.. hik2

#3 - At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

1) Turquoise Fanatic ( Ima )
2) SiButt World ( Siti )
3) The Colors of Syidex ( Syidex )
4) .: another pieces of huda's life:. ( Huda )
5) Butterflies Diaries ( Eida )
6) Secret of My Heart ( Ellisah )
7) The Colour of Daisy ( sis nyda )

and the idea..


♥.misz luna.™ said...

ala......dh penah wat la sis...adoiyai...klu rajin huda wat la k..

word verification : ingat


RuZZaiMa said...

ore try la jwb..wahaha..

Ruzzaida said...

klo word verification = ingat, maksudnye huda kena ingat utk wat mende alah ni gak la..

Ruzzaida said...

try imaa.. jgn xtry.. hehe

lis comel said...

xpenah wat lg mende ni..
describe2 ye..ermm..
nnt sy try..hee

Ruzzaida said...

to cik elie : take ur time cik elie.. hehe