Monday, February 2, 2009



there's something funny, cute, sweet & romantic with the words.. haha..
is something happen? I guess yes..
but it's not about me..
it's about someone out there.. hehe..


Mocha Inc. said...

a famous line from a korean drama/movie? not sure maa;D umm,in case u didnt know who i am,i'll leave my initials here hohoho~

Ruzzaida said...

wohhoo.. kakpah!!!
ayat tu dari DBSK banjun drama.
Title : dangerous love. Mse Yunho ngn Hero dekat phone booth wane merah tu.. lawak gile.. haha

Anonymous said...
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lalala~ said...

bkn..i mean citer asal die le aku x ingt

RuZZaiMa said...

sumenye hanya ilusi lam citer tu..kui3x..