Sunday, April 26, 2009


Got tagged by Rani..

1. You have to printscreen your current wallpaper/desktop.

2. Tell us why you like the wallpaper.

3. Tag another 10 bloggers.

So, this is my current wallpaper..

I love this wallpaper becoz there's U-know Yunho in it. Hehe..

I like it when he's wearing spectacles and all white.. Very handsome & macho..

I really like it when a guy wearing a set of white clothes + spectacles..

Look very educated + cute + honest + handsome..

This tagged goes to :

-adam malik

-alene chan

-kakpah chan




RuZZaiMa said...

max also..look so cute! hehe..

Ruzzaida said...

muke max pelik r kt sini..
jap lg mampus kena serang ngn awek2 max... haha

RuZZaiMa said...

chess...chess...dan chess lagi...